"Teotwawki" 2013 Demo w/ Video

I wrote and recorded this demo in 2013. In fact, it's one of only two songs I wrote between 2010 and 2016. Seemed apropos in these strange times so I hope it makes ya feel alright. ❤️✳️ 




Baby, if the world should ever end will you stay with me til then? Will I still be your man? 

Baby, I know you think I’m crazy but I can’t help how I feel. This is all just too real. 

Every time I look around, I see everything. My eyes are open wide.Life is not a dream. 

Oh baby, when it all hits the fan, you know you can depend on me, right then. 

Baby, I know we’ll be alright. By the gun and the knife, I’ll be sure we survive. 

Everywhere you look today, you see The State. We can’t ignore the endless wars, what might be our fate. 

Oh Honey, they could destroy our money. I know you think that’s funny but it has happened before. 

Baby, all the things I’ve put away, we can barter and trade for the things we can’t make. 

Every time I talk this way, you turn away. You can have my silver and gold if you’ll just stay. 

Oh, don’t go. Please just stay. Don’t go away. 

Oh baby, If they ever drop the bomb, we’d both be safe from harm, in a hole in the yard. 

Baby. If it all comes to an end, I’d be a happy man. We could all start again. 

Oh we could all, start again. 

Video by Jacob Kedzierski 🙏🏻